Got a toaster? Then you’ve got ‘grilled’ cheese.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3-ding!- and it’s my new favorite way to make a sandwich.

All you need is two pieces of bread, some cheese and a toastabag from Boska.

Slip it in the toaster and you’ve got a hot and crispy comfort meal in minutes!

I love grilled cheese. It takes me straight back to my childhood dinner table where the S.S. Grilled Cheese sank off the coast of the Cream of Tomato Sea every rainy day until I moved out. Then the thought of pulling out a pan, buttering the bread (if I was lucky enough to afford butter that week), waiting for the cheese to melt, getting out a spatula, waiting for the second side to brown, then cleaning up after all of that- forced me to endure soggy microwaved cheese sandwiches for far too many years. Until, that is, the genius of this little brown bag made it’s way to the A&P kitchen.

As long as it will fit in the slot, the possibilities are endless. We’ve added tomatoes and spicy mayo, avocado and fresh herbs, grilled onions and spinach leaves- all with rave reviews.

Imagine thin strips of scrambled egg in the morning- maybe some bacon nestled into a melted cheddar. Or what about a melty crisp PB&J? Sliced meats and fresh veggies in the afternoon would make for a great snack that any hands could prepare after school- or if you have break room toaster- a quick hot lunch with out leaving the office!

Each package comes with three easy to clean bags- just rinse and dry- and each bag promises fifty 3-minute toastings.

Life just got a whole lot cheesier and easier- now that’s comforting!


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