B*Roasted Chicken

Maybe you have heard of Broasted Chicken, though after a quick google, that’s clearly not what we’ve done here- nor did we ‘Beer Roast’ a chicken, rather we B*Roasted one! Not just because it’s more fun to say, but on account of our using a perfectly innocent can of zero calorie-creamy-natural root beer in our roasting process.

The key to a successfully B*Roasted Chicken is the hardware. We used a stainless steel roasting pedestal from Cameron Products (who’s motto is ‘Never a dry chicken again – with the Moister Beeroaster!’) set into a round cake pan- Nordicware also makes a stand that comes with a removable pan, both to catch juices and roast vegetables. For this size pedestal, we used a small 2lbish chicken, a deliciously sweet and smokey rub, and of course, half a can of root beer. The liquid helps moisten the bird from the inside, and the pedestal allows fat to drip away and the outer skin to brown evenly on all sides. Weather permitting, it can be used on your BBQ grill or in the oven with all but one lower rack removed.

First order of business is to create the dry rub.

Because of the sweetness of the Root Beer, we started with a brown sugar base

and stirred in some dry mustard, garlic powder, smoked paprika, smoked rock salt-  ground with a mortar & pestle– and a little cayenne for heat,

finished with salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

There’s no recipe here, just a little of this- a little of that until you reach a satisfactory flavor blend. Our completed rub came to a less than 1 dry cup.

Next we rub. Having rinsed, dried and lightly oiled-up our chicken, we massaged the entire bowl of rub on- and in- to the skin, evenly coating the surface and cavity.

Then we crack open the soda, fill the pedestal cavity, wait for foam to subside, refill, blow on the bubbles, wait, pour to tippie top, and sip from what’s still in the can. Ahhh- on to the next.

Now slide the bird right over the stand until it’s standing up straight and resting lightly on the base for support.

And it’s into the oven for a good roasting, until the skin is golden brown and internal temperature has been reached. Cameron’s suggests 1.5 hours at 375 degrees, plus we ran the convection for the last few minutes to crisp up the skin.

It’s as easy as that!  Nice tan little chicken.

And the flavor combinations are endless- imagine sparkling cider with garlic, rosemary and thyme, or a lovely ginger ale with Cameron’s curry coconut rub- YUM!


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