So what are your plans for “Sweetest Day” this year? What- you didn’t know it existed? Well, neither did I until recently, but now that I know that the third Saturday of October is a day meant to ‘celebrate all the people who make your life special, an occasion to make someone happy, a chance to celebrate and give [sweet] gifts to relatives, friends, and associates’- it shall be not only recognized, but celebrated annually as the brilliant holiday it is. So, this year, we’re ringing in the holidays by kicking off our official Dessert Shop Demos on October 20th! Nothing could be sweeter- it’s a series of demonstrations that highlight delicious treats to make and share both at the season’s gatherings and as gifts- made by you- in your own kitchen! Don’t worry, we have all the tools, tips and resources you’ll need to pull off the most delightful desserts that any of your friends and acquaintances have ever seen! From fondue to chocolates- and all kinds of yumminess in between, we’ve gathered the best recipes, tried and tested them, and then licked our plate in delight. So stay tuned, and if you happen to live in Alaska- be sure to stop by for the big show- every Saturday from here until Christmas! At 3 PM at our Anchorage Store and 2 PM at our Wasilla location.


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