Everythings coming up Cake Pops



As you can see from our shop selections- we LOOOOOVE colors around here. And one is NEVER enough. So, when we were dreaming up our St.Patrick’s day demo treat, we knew there would be rainbows!! Oh, and that they would be covered in CHOCOLATE- just add a spoonful of gold sprinkles and tah-dah! Pot-o-gold Rainbow Cake Pops!


Starting with a simple cake recipe, we spooned equal portions of the white batter into a muffin tin and colored them with the vibrant paste colors from CK Products. We then piped each color into the Nordic Ware cake ball pan- one at a time. You can vary the pattern, depending on what you want your bite to reveal- but for a nice rainbow, start with the deepest cool color first, squirting a small circle in the bottom, then submerge the tip of the next color into the center and squeeze a good amount into the circle, repeating until the semicircle of the pop pan is full. Don’t be tempted to overfill, because you’ll likely get oozies, like these, which look amazing, but can potentially empty half of your batter spectrum, leaving just BIV while ROY G puffs out the top…


And on the inside- lift the top half of the pan to reveal something resembling a Nerf ball!


Notice the residual color in the pan- that is why a light coat of Vegalene Spray in between each batch of cake balls is essential for quick release, otherwise the reveal finds that half of your ball is still stuck in the top half of the pan, and the rest in the bottom, which can still be ‘glued’ together with a swipe of chocolate before dipping.

Once the cake is cooled, melt a small amount of chocolate (we used Callebaut Semi-Sweet Callets) to secure your sticks. By dipping the tip of each stick before you push it into the cake ball, you get a better anchor in the cake and there’s less chance you’ll lose your ball in the dipping process.


We’ve found it helpful to pop the pops into the freezer at this point to firm up the cake and to solidify the stick. Using a Rose double boiler, we melt enough chocolate to submerge the entire ball so that it gets a nice even coat of chocolate that covers all the way to the top of the cake/stick joint. For these particular pops we then set the pop down on a sheet of parchment- top down- to create a flat surface, which later becomes the top of the pot when it cools. Gently peel the solidified pops from the parchment for their second dipping into white chocolate and third dip into the gold sprinkles. Serve stick side down in a cup of granulated sugar.

What seems to be a simple pot o gold, reveals a surprisingly colorful center that only gets better with each bite!!





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