Now your Speaking our Language: Say I Love You with Chocolate


Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and nothing says “I love you” quite like the gift of chocolate… unless, of coarse it’s home made, hand crafted, custom built chocolate, then it SCREAMS! Step aside from the big shiny heart shaped box, the foil wrapped kisses and the talking hearts. That’s the easy way out, but truly, making chocolates at home isn’t as hard as you may be thinking. The investment in a few tools, a little time and all that love will result in something not only beautiful, but delicious.


The first step is deciding on your ingredients, shapes and finishes. We’ve found that the fine chocolate bars and callets by Belgian Chocolatiers, Callebaut, not only make an excellent choice for baking , but also create a lovely finish for molded chocolates.


When properly tempered and cooled, this chocolate should have a nice shiny finish and comes in semi-sweet, milk and white chocolate. For our strawberry filled bon bons, we chose to start with white chocolate that we later topped off with a pink pearl edible luster dust, fine sprinkles and decorating sugars.





There are many ways to woo with home made goodies- it’s the thought that counts. After all, there’s chocolate in cupcakes too!


Heart shaped definitely counts!


And if it matches the chocolate, it’s always a good idea…


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