Birds & Blossoms for Mom

Chocolate Birds and Blossoms


Beth’s been at it again. Creating something lovely – and edible too – with some simple techniques and just the right tools. Although this cake is just a small one, it was a big hit – and easy enough to put together with just a few steps.




Let’s all admit that for a novice, cake decorating can be daunting, especially if you’ve tried something fancy and been disappointed with the result; like the first time I tried to make frosting roses and ended up with something closer to chewed pink bubble gum blobs…

When it came to our Mother’s Day cake, we wanted something simple yet springy.




So with the addition of color and just a few chocolate shapes, Beth transformed a plain frosted cake with just enough piping frills, to a showpiece worthy to be the center of our Mother’s Day Brunch table scape.




Molding chocolate is a relatively easy way to make adornments for everything from cupcake toppers to gingerbread house accessories. And the best part – your guests get to eat them too! We made our birds and blossoms with decadent Belgian Callebaut Chocolate in semisweet, milk and white. They can be made days in advance of your event and when the chocolate is properly tempered, store well for later use. Our three shapes – the birds in right & left facing profiles, tree branches and petite flowers – all come on one mold sheet and make a lovely boxed chocolate gift in addition to being the perfect embellishment to our tiny cake. The fact that the chocolates are flat on one side makes them easy to press into the soft frosted wall of the cake surface and can easily be ‘glued’ into place with a little extra dab of frosting.


Callebaut Chocolate


White chocolates is the most versatile of the chocolate flavors in that you can add colors and literally ‘paint’ layers of chocolate inside the mold, allowing you to get as detailed as you like.




In addition, you can use luster dust to add an extra special glimmer to your shapes and they also come in a number of colors, adding another dimension to the natural color of your chocolates.

Because cakes can be custom built with different flavors of frosting, cake and fillings, the possibilities are endless, especially when you see the selection of chocolate molds available to top them off!

Make Mom something special so she can have her cake, and eat the chocolate too!



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