What could be more refreshing than Watermelon?



In Alaska, we relish the first signs of Spring. It starts with the squirrels, the pussy willows, then the longer days and before you know it, the snow is gone and there is a sudden burst of green from the grass and trees. It always happens so suddenly and from first ‘hot’ sunny day – it’s ON! Summer is here!

I always celebrate with a flavor that is distinctly summer – Watermelon! Nothing quite quenches like a nice crisp bite of a ripened wedge – that is until we tried Watermelon Sorbet!

It’s not hard to whip up, and doesn’t last long, but when it comes to cool refreshment, it certainly satisfies!


We simply cube the flesh from a meduim watermelon with a nice sharp chef’s knife, toss it in the Vita Mix with some lime juice and a touch of sugar – select the smoothie setting, tap the switch and watch it blend to a perfectly pink puree.


Then it’s into the Cuisinart ice cream machine for it’s final freeze. Because of the high water content, this step doesn’t take long, providing your bowl is good and chilled.


Scoop and serve!


For a refreshing beverage, you can spoon the frozen watermelon mix into a sparkling soda or lemonade with a wedge of lime and a stripey straw.

Ahhhhh, SUMMER!


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