Hello Burger, meet your Sweet & Saucy Side

By Beth Brown, Kitchen Store Specialist

Nothing quite goes as well with burgers as French fries. Crispy, salty, delicious fries seem to be perfectly designed to accompany burgers!

Baked sweet potato fries provide a tasty alternative to their fried cousins. Not only are they less greasy (and fewer calories!) than regular French fries, they are chock full of vitamin A, and even contain protein! That means you can eat a lot of them, and believe me, you will want to. They are also a great way to get vegetables into your kids. (Shhh!)


Sweet potato fries often turn out soggy, but with a few simple tricks, you can get crisp, flavorful sweet potato fries every time. Pair them with our simple maple dipping sauce, and you have the ideal gourmet side dish for your burgers!


First, wash, peel, and cut your fries. You can cut them any size you like—I prefer thinner fries, because they tend to crisp better! Make sure your fries are roughly the same thickness. Remember, they will shrink some when you bake them. (When making regular potato fries, check out the quick and handy Stainless Steel Norpro fry cutter!)



Take the cut up fries and place them in a bag or a bowl, and sprinkle about a teaspoon of cornstarch (per potato) on them. This will help your fries be crispier! Make sure to stir or shake them around so that all the starch is absorbed into the fries.


Drizzle generously with olive oil, sprinkle with paprika and sea salt (or your own seasoning combo), give them a stir, and they are ready to bake!


We arranged  our  fries with plenty of room for them to spread out (yams like their personal space when they’re busy becoming fries) on the USA Pan nonstick pans and baked them  in our Miele convection oven, at 425 degrees for about twenty minutes. Ten minutes in, use a metal spatula to turn your fries over to help them brown evenly.


Mix up even parts mayonnaise and maple syrup for an unexpectedly delicious dipping sauce.


Next time you make burgers, switch up your side dish with these tasty sweet potato fries! You can thank us later.



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