“Please pass the Ketchup Salt.”

By Beth Brown, Kitchen Store Specialist


Not long ago, this request would have resulted in a two-handed pass of both the ketchup bottle, and the salt shaker – but no more! From the clever minds at J&D’s Bacon Salt comes a new mover and shaker – the ingenious Ketchup Salt.


When we got our first box of the stuff, we instantly started brainstorming what to use it on. Fries seemed to obvious, chips too simple and so we dreamed up the ‘Hip to be [Hamburger] Square’ Appetizer!


These mini burger cubes are a fun, cute, and delicious summer appetizer! That’s right: we said “burger cubes.” With the help of our Rice Cube, we thought outside the box (er . . . cube) to come up with this fun appetizer idea. Here’s how we made these bites of cuteness.


First, finely chop a white or yellow onion. You can use a knife, like I did (check out that beautiful Henkel knife!), or you can give it a quick spin in your food processor.


Cook the onions on medium heat just until clear.


In a medium bowl, stir the onion with a pound of ground hamburger until uniformly combined.




Use a portion scoop to fill the hole of the Rice Cube, and then squish it together, as pictured.

rice cube1ricecube3

If you are planning to ‘stuff’ the bite, this is the point at which you could nestle your filling into the burger before pressing it into a cube.

ricecube4rice cube5

Carefully slide out the insert of the rice cube to remove the hamburger cube, and place on parchment paper.


After you finish forming your cubes, it’s time to cook them up!


We used our lodge cast iron pan to get a great sear, and replicate the taste of grilled hamburgers.




Carefully cook the cube on every side, allowing time to brown, and in between turning, place a lid or cookie sheet over the top to help the burger cubes cook on the inside.

When cooking the last side, place a small square of cheese on top (if you want cheeseburger bites!).



The assembly of these guys is where you can get creative.

We kept ours simple to highlight the flavor of the ketchup salt (a fun seasoning that gives ketchup flavor to anything!), with just a tiny square of cheese and a single grape tomato, but you could use avocado, mustard, a bit-o-bacon – perhaps stuffed with blue cheese or jalapeno jack . . . the possibilities are endless!


You could even have a mini burger bite bar, and let your guests assemble their own.


These little burger cubes are sure to impress your guests, and are a tasty bite size summertime hors d’oeuvres!


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