All American Pies


By Beth Brown, Kitchen Store Specialist

Summer is here, and it is almost time for delicious, homemade pies. Berry pie, apple pie, rhubarb pie, cream pie . . . our mouths are watering already! We try our best here at Allen & Petersen to support products that are made in the USA. What better to pair with your pie than all-American pie making products? Show your patriotic side, and get great tools for making pies. It’s a win-win!


First, you can mix up your pie dough in a Kitchenaid mixer, which have  been assembled in the USA since 1941. We carry a rainbow of colors to choose from.


For rolling out your pie dough, Fletcher’s Mill rolling pins are the perfect choice! The classic, French, or baker’s style rolling pins all work fantastically for pie dough—pick your favorite. I personally prefer the baker’s style, because its shape makes it easy to roll perfectly even crust.


USA Pan makes great pie pans. The texture on the bottom of the pan is designed for even cooking, which will help your pie crust not get soggy. As a bonus, USA Pans have a fabulous non-stick coating, which makes clean up easy. USA Pan also makes a fluted tart pan, perfect for personal size pies & tarts.



If you want to get bite size, the Nordic Ware pastry press is a fun and easy way to make adorable pie pops! These trendy treats are great for summer. Because you can easily make six tiny pastries at once, you can either press in a stick and enjoy one in each hand, or go without for a two bite hand pie!



Last but not least, the Chef’s Planet non-stick oven liner keeps your oven safe from bubbly pie drips. No more crusty blueberry blackening on the bottom of your oven. This oven liner fits all standard ovens, and is a breeze to clean off—much easier than cleaning your oven!

pie bubbles

And who doesn’t love pie a’la mode? Zeroll scoops, made in the USA since 1935, are so classic that you’ll find the Original design displayed in the Museum of Modern Art’s Permanent Design Collection!


Stop by the kitchen store—we can help you go all-American with your pies this summer!

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