USA Made Kitchen Tools

By Beth Brown, Kitchen Store Specialist


It is increasingly difficult to find kitchen products that are made in the USA, so we want to give a shout out to some of our favorite products from companies who are committed to quality, American manufacturing.

One of our favorite kitchen gadgets is the Garlic Twist, from NextTrend Products. By now you’ve probably heard about this tool, used it in a cooking class, or maybe you’ve seen it sitting on our checkout counter in the kitchen store. We like to keep it there so we can show everyone who hasn’t heard about how great this tool is! Unlike the traditional, difficult to clean and somewhat unwieldy garlic press, the Garlic Twist is easy to use, and dishwasher safe. You use the base of the Twist to whack the garlic clove, making it easy to peel, and then stick your clove inside and simply twist to mince your garlic. This is fun for kids to use, too, when they want to help out in the kitchen.


Another of our favorite USA made tools is the Microplane grater. These graters come in all different sizes and styles for whatever you are grating, from cheese to chocolate to veggies or nutmeg. They are razor sharp, and solidly constructed, which means they help you get the job done quicker and easier. Microplane graters came about from a housewife who borrowed her husband’s Microplane woodworking rasp to zest her oranges. From there, Microplane expanded to include kitchen tools and has never looked back. If you haven’t tried these graters yet, you need to!


The last featured USA product is the Epicurean cutting board. These are our go-to boards because they are made out of compressed wood fiber. Not only does this make them more sanitary, it makes them easy to clean—can you say “dishwasher safe?” They are a hard surface, but not too hard for your knives. Unlike other wood cutting boards, you don’t have to worry about oiling, warping, or splitting. They come in all different sizes (and shapes) and look beautiful in your kitchen, as well as being functional. Come check out the pizza peels or mustache-shaped cutting board for Father’s Day gift ideas!


These awesome kitchen gadgets are superior quality—and you can feel great, like we do, about supporting companies that are proud to be manufactured in the USA.

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