Here we go a Waffling…

By Christina Moff, Kitchen Store Specialist

As we find ourselves in the kitchen, whether it be as schooled professionals or the self proclaimed top chef, there are certain products we each become attached to. For me, it’s Kitchen Aid mixers over the Bosch, or metal measuring cups instead of plastic sets.


While there are a great many tools, products, and brands that I am partial too, there is only one tool that I am irrevocably in love with right now: the Chef’s Choice round waffle iron. I can’t even put into words how awesome it is. I know you’re thinking, “its just a waffle iron, there’s not much exciting about that” but you would be oh so wrong.


The options are amazing, and endless. You can do a full breakfast with hash browns, French toast, fried eggs, or omelets, bacon (perfection in itself) and of course the many types of waffles.


Then there are the mouth-watering lunch or dinner dishes; pizza, calzones, grilled cheese, homemade tortillas and of course the fajita fillings. All of this, with just one waffle iron.


Now if that hasn’t convinced you to run to our store and buy every kind of waffle iron available then how about this: every classic comforting dessert can be done in the Chefs Choice iron.


I loved the way my cinnamon rolls turned out, perfectly soft, and rather than icing running everywhere it stayed in all the squares, making each bite its own level of perfection. So much less mess and more convenient to grab-n-go on your way out the door. Cookies, brownies and even cake mixes can all be used as well.


The waffle iron is the perfect size and it is nonstick, so you just wipe it out with a paper towel when you’re finished.  Trust me on this, I’ve been on a waffle iron kick this past month and I have yet to be disappointed with the Chefs Choice round Belgian Waffle Maker. Stop by the Wasilla location for demos and purchase!



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