“Think Outside the Box”…

By Christina Moff, Kitchen Store Specialist

Popcorn Cubes

We’ve all heard this phrase about ten thousand times. But why think outside the box when you can think about what to put inside of it? A big trend over this last year has been making foods more interesting and changing sizes and shapes seems to be the most popular.

The Rice Cube is one of the best gadgets you could buy to make fun, inventive appetizers and even add-ins for main dishes. For example, one fun new thing I discovered was a popcorn cube.

rice cube

I used the sweet popcorn glaze recipe from jensfavoritecookies.com as the binding agent and it also gave the popcorn that nice carnival flair. It was probably the easiest snack I’ve made, plus it was fun!

You can take just about any pliable food, (cookie, brownie, fudge, hamburger, or sausage) follow the simple Rice Cube process and create something that will wow your guests but also allow them to have a great time making it themselves.

In the culinary world, presentation and appearance is often valued just as highly as taste and texture.  Sushi is becoming one of those foods that everyone wants to make. It’s beautiful, tasty, cultural and always a crowd pleaser. It can, however, be tricky to make: there are mats, paddles, and specific rice to use. Most times the whole process kind of throws people off, for some it takes too long or they just cant get the hang of it.

The Rice Cube is specifically geared toward making sushi. Not only is it simple enough to do that 3 year olds are making their own sushi, but its fantastic for those picky eaters who want to know exactly what goes into their food. With the rice cube you could have a DIY (also a big fad) dinner party, and everyone would be satisfied. And not to mention all the compliments for being the most creative host/hostess out there.

Popcorn Cube2

If you’re creative, or just looking for a fun way to make little snacks and things, then the Rice Cube is for you! Check out their website for videos and yummy fun recipes you can make with you own Rice Cube. Stop in at the Wasilla store for a demonstration and purchase.


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